Engine Oil and Coolant Leaks Resulting in Fulid Intermix on Mercedes-Benz E320

Internal and External engine oil & coolant leaks can develop from the head gasket and/or timing cover gasket; these leaks should be repaired before the engine oil and coolant intermix which can result in severe engine damage.

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Average mileage: 142,014 (113,000–195,000)
4 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
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I had coolant/oil leak while car was under warranty. At 100,000 miles it developed a major external oil leak. Repair is a new head and timing chain cover gasket. While the parts are not too expensive ($75.00) the time to remove and replace the head is about 14+ hrs. You will need special tools for some operations. If you are not a mechanic, don't even try it. This is common problem with the 6 cyl engine and oil leaks occour at the right side of the timing chain cover and the head gasket.
i have oil leak mercedes benz e320 1997, probably head gasket or timing cover
yes my old e-320 leaks oil not happy about it.at all got the car new allways had the best care never by another mercedes/oh its a 1994
Fluid intermix then total mechanical fail Replaced water pump Now moving on to head gasket Then timing chain+gasket Then oil level sensor+gasket
Interfluid mix, car overheating, oil leaked. Head gasket was replaced.
leaking oil driver side also under the car when you stop useing a lot of oil?
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