Chrysler Crossfire Problem Report

Chrysler Crossfire Heated Seats Stop Working

(53 reports)

The heated seats may stop working. Our technicians tell us special repair kits are available from Chrysler to correct this concern.

I just purchased a 2004 and discovered the seat warmers are not working. The dash switches light, but no heat. -
Driver's side is out, Passenger's side works great. Where do you find these repair kits? -
Driver's side seat warmer stopped working about a year ago (winter 2009). Have not had it repaired, yet. -
Seats stoped heating whats the fix? A fuse? -
Driver Seat went out. Not repaired. -
Driver and Passenger side is not working ! -
Heated Seats Stop working in both seats need to get this fixed -
Passenger set works but drivers seat doesn't -
Not repaired. -
Driver heated seat not working but the passanger side works -
Heated seats do not work. No solution yet. -
power seats go out periodically, heat stopped working the seats -
First the drivers side heated seat stopped working, had it repaired. Now passenger seat doesn't heat!!! I only have a little over 14,000 miles on my 2004. Chrysler should be fixing these problems for us at no charge since so many people are having this problem and the heating elements must be defective! -
light for both heated seats work but seats dont warm up. -
The Driver seat just stop heating, never had it fixed. -
Seats will heat for 2-3 mins and turn off. I turn them back on and they repeat the cycle. This just started thid morning in 22 degree weather! -
driver side heating element is out. ruled out electrical car is getting the correct voltage to the harness for the seat. -
Driver side heated seat just stopped working. -
seat heaters stopped working. Not a fuse problem. Ruled that out. Electrical maybe?? -
Dealer replaced seat under warranty -
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