Repair fix for Mount Dodge part # 4612412 on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

Do you have a diagram for the installation of the part #4612412, part to fix the belt slipping off. I am taking my car to the mechanic on Monday and would like to have this in hand as well THANKS

by in Andrews, SC on January 22, 2011
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ANSWER by , January 22, 2011
Sorry, I have no diagram, but I don't think he'll need a diagram to install the part. The thing he has to be aware of is that any misalignment of the pulleys makes the problem worse so he needs to take a real good look at the alignment. I think there's a rubber rainwater drain hose that dumps on the belt area, that can be moved to help keep water off the belt. Also, I hear the the PolyGrip type belts stay on better than the plain kind so there's a tip for you.
COMMENT by , January 22, 2011
Thanks Superbob I have already moved the drain hose so I will go get the Polygrip belt on my way.