Repair and Maintenance on 2011 Land Rover LR2

Can someone help me with these few quetions I have here pleae. How much would it cosst for these items. Thank You

1.Oil chage
2.Changing out an Alternator
3.Replacing the transmission
4.A regular tune-up
5.Replacing a starter
6.Installation of an aftermarket satellite radio system
7.Window tint
8.4 new tires ( price must include mounting, balancing and price of the tire)
9.Full car detail (wash, wax and interior)
10. And can I get two different pricing quotes

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your post sounds like you are considering purchasing this vehicle and are looking at costs down the road. before you
buy it, you need to google "vehicle dependability study."
JD Powers rates vehicles on how often owners take the vehicle to the dealer for warranty repairs. Land Rover has
been dead last for several years. very few shops other than the dealer have the knowledge to work on this vehicle
and you will be "captive" to the dealer. when it breaks down on a trip, you will have large tow bills to find a shop that will even touch it. there are so many suv's that
are more reliable and also economical to maintain; perhaps
you should reconsider.
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This vehicle is too new to be in the estimate guide and too new even for the aftermarket to have parts for it so alternator and starter unless same as previous year/s would be a dealer only supplied item yet. Tire Rack would be able to give you a quote on line for tires or any tire store could quote you over the phone if you give them the tire size. A full cleaning, detailing, window tint and stereo questions would be best got by phoning shops in you area that specialize in these services.
For prices you can use the Estimate section at the top of the page.