Removing driver side axle on 1993 Mazda Protege

I need to replace the passenger side cv joint/axle. I got that out no problem, lots of prying room. I was told I should replace both at the same time. I am trying to get out the driver side. I have no room to get at the section connected to trans. It is block by several things including braces underneath and part of trans. I tried from over head by removing the battery and its stand, but still not enough room to pry with the tools I have. If I pull on the axle, it just separates at the inner joint, I don't want to destroy anything in case I can't get it out and just have to put it back together. I could take a picture if needed.

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This is a tough one, sometimes getting the correct pry angle for an axle is very, very tough. You may need think about getting some other pry bars, I have about 12, but I do this for a living. But, believe me, you can need several types of pry bars. Also be careful not to damage, i.e. crack, the transmission case.
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Yeah, the driver's side of that trans is difficult if you don't know the tricks.
First, get one or two prybars. on in front of the axle driver at the trans, and one behind it. It takes two guys if you use two prybars. Then smack the driver with a hammer, from the front or back, whichever, I can't remember. Don't kill it, just a good rap. Anyway, the smack sideways on the driver (while you're leaning on the prybar the other way) gets loose the steel snapring on the driver spline and the driver comes out of the trans. Don't remove both axles at the same time, because the differential can come apart if rotated without an axle drive spline in it. Reassemble one side before disassembling the other. That'll do it.