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1998 Nissan Altima Question: removel of the fuel filter

I am having a hard time taking the tubes off the old fuel filter and was wondering if there were any tricks? -
Answer 1
Your new filter should come complete no need to remove the "tubes" http://www.napaonline.com/Search/Detail.aspx?A=FIL3477_0065935375&An=599001+101998+50090+2090001+11022+599999+109999+59999+2999999 just remove the hoses and reconnect, don't forget the clamps -
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What if you only have the pump? -
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just changed mine after 6 years and 45000 miles. they were stuck real good. used seafoam (fuel additive) as a break free by poring it around the hose. also used a big screw driver to pry on the hose. Place the blade between the filter and the hose and turn it so you push straight against the top of the hose. it will break loose with some effort. -