remove tensioner bolt in order to reach the belt on 1995 Toyota Celica

Belt is frayed and needs to be replaced. Where is the tensioner bolt located and how to we gain access to the belt in order to change it. it is located on passenger side and we think it is the alternator belt.

Asked by for the 1995 Toyota Celica
Open the 14mm headed bolt at the top of the alternator. The alternator has a bolt at the bottom (12mm head) open that bolt a few turns. You will need a short 12mm wrench or a 3/8 drive wobbly/flexible socket to turn the bolt at the top of the adjusting bracket. Turn the adjusting bolt counter clockwise and allow the alternator to drop about 3/4 of an inch or until you can get the old fan belt off. Replace the belt, properly route the belt and tension the belt by tightening the bolt at the top of the adjusting bracket. Run the engine for a few minutes with the headlights on. Turn of the engine and recheck the belt tension adjust as required. Recheck the two bolts that secure the alternator the top pivot bolt and the lower bolt the has the tension bolt going through it..