remove rear axles on 1998 Ford Explorer

how do u remove the rear axles they told me just remove the 4 bolts and use the sling hammer did that and it still dont want to come out please help

Asked by for the 1998 Ford Explorer
Here is a quick summary of the procedure:

1) loosen the lugs, lift the vehicle, remove the wheels
2) remove the differential cover, drain
3) remove the rear brake rotors
4) remove the pinion shaft lock bolt and remove the pinion shaft. DON'T TURN the wheels at all, as it will come apart
5) Push the axle shafts inward and slide out the U-shaped washers
6) Reinstall the pinion shaft and reinstall the lock bolt (does not have to be tightened)
7) Remove the axle shafts.

Not sure what the "4 bolts" are in your description. Follow the steps I listed and they will come out. Good luck.