Kia Sedona Problem Report

Kia Sedona Remove Power Supply Fuse For Twenty Seconds if CD Player Fails

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If the stereo/CD player refuses to load, eject, or play CDs, remove the power supply (fuse) to the stereo for twenty seconds to reset the stereo's internal memory.

CD is stuck in player. Was listening to it yesterday and now today it won't read it. -
Cd gets stuck in the player. It says no cd when you push eject, or play. I got it to work once, then it happened again. -
when I load a cd it will either say there is not a cd loaded, or it gives me an error msg and will not play CD. CD has been stuck in player and I FINALLY got it out after about 3 mos this a.m. -
CD Player says "LOAD" and will not do anything. -
says there is no cd in but there is. Removing fuse for several minutes didn't fix it. -
Trying to play a CD in the CD player, but get error 8" message. -
cd stuck in AZERA cd player. Message says error 42. Radio and XM works fine -
The CD player will not load a CD. It reads Mechanical error, or "Mecha Error". -
CD player not woring -
When I turn on the car- the stereo sounds like it's picking a cd.. But nothing plays/ejects/loads and all the display says is "initializing"!! :( so sad! 6disk with all of my favorite cd's STUCK in it!! :( -
This is a recurring problem. Pulling the fuse fixes it for an average of 6 months. -
error with cd player -
I have had the same problem with my CD player. It did it once in a while at first. I would clean it and then it would work again. Now it does it all the time so I stopped using it about a year ago. I will try the trick with the fuse and see if that works, but it does seem to be an obvious problem with the player from what the other reports indicate. -
Cds go in but won't play or come out. I pressed CD and Eject button at the same time and the CD will eject but it still won't work. I will now try removing the fuse that goes with power of that and see if it will reset its self. -
cd stuck in player -
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