remove and replace motor mount left side blazer has 4 wheel drive on 1990 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

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the car is a 1989 s 10 blazer. left side motor mount needs replacing. the car has 4 wheel drive automatic transmission and air conditioning
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What I have done on the older S-10s is I remove the skid plate and then I loosen the LH motor mount bolts. Then I use a block of wood on a jack and I lift the engine by the crankshaft front harmonic balancer until I can get the mount out and the new one in, you may have to loosen the RH mount to get enough clearance.
Be very, very CAREFUL not to damage wiring or hoses etc. And BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL with you hands. Have someone on that jack handle at all times to make sure it is stabilized so the engine does not fall. ( ouch )