remove and replace bmw transmission on 2001 BMW X5

I would like to verify the flat rate labor time to remove and replace my automatic transmission . Vehicle is a 2001 BMW X5 , 3.0 L , all wheel drive . Thank You , Duane P.

by in Hilo, HI on October 15, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 15, 2010
Basic transmission remove and refit 9 hours add to flush cooler lines ect..........
ANSWER by on October 15, 2010
These are ESTIMATED diagnostic times. Time varies based on the condition of the car i.e. corroded fasteners, modifications, etc..... Complete Assembly With Transfer Of Parts B 9.4 NOTE To R&R Driveplate, Add B 0.2 To R&R Torque Converter, Add B 0.2 To Flush Cooler Lines, Add B 0.6 It does not include any diagnostics, leak test. For computer diagnostic add 1.8 Fluid leak diagnostic add .5 Rear crank seal add .7 Zee
ANSWER by on October 02, 2014
10.5 hours average cost up to $1200 to R&R the transmission provided buy you not to including fluids at $19 a gallon to repair the transmission is $3500 to $4100 to purchase a reman transmission is $4100 to $4800 all these quotes provided to me by certified mechanics in the Orange County California area if you decide to buy a used transmission from a salvage yard please buy one from a local salvage yard that you can visually see the item I purchased one and all the identification and serial number tag was removed now I am dealing with the local authorities in Florida and Orange county Thanks to AIM auto salvage For no cooperation in this matter
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