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2001 BMW X5 Question: remove and replace bmw transmission

I would like to verify the flat rate labor time to remove and replace my automatic transmission . Vehicle is a 2001 BMW X5 , 3.0 L , all wheel drive . Thank You , Duane P. -
Answer 1
Basic transmission remove and refit 9 hours add to flush cooler lines ect.......... -
Answer 2
These are ESTIMATED diagnostic times. Time varies based on the condition of the car i.e. corroded fasteners, modifications, etc..... Complete Assembly With Transfer Of Parts B 9.4 NOTE To R&R Driveplate, Add B 0.2 To R&R Torque Converter, Add B 0.2 To Flush Cooler Lines, Add B 0.6 It does not include any diagnostics, leak test. For computer diagnostic add 1.8 Fluid leak diagnostic add .5 Rear crank seal add .7 Zee -
Answer 3
10.5 hours average cost up to $1200 to R&R the transmission provided buy you not to including fluids at $19 a gallon to repair the transmission is $3500 to $4100 to purchase a reman transmission is $4100 to $4800 all these quotes provided to me by certified mechanics in the Orange County California area if you decide to buy a used transmission from a salvage yard please buy one from a local salvage yard that you can visually see the item I purchased one and all the identification and serial number tag was removed now I am dealing with the local authorities in Florida and Orange county Thanks to AIM auto salvage For no cooperation in this matter -
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