removal of ignition switch on 1990 Volkswagen Jetta

im trying to take my ignition switch out ive done drilled 4 holes in the mount and still cant get it out how does it come out? my fuel pump aint kicking on and the guy that had it before me changed the ignition before and i think he messed it up because he said he didnt try it after he put it in because the timing was off so i had to reset the timing too

by in Columbus, OH on November 16, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 14, 2010
i'm not sure if it would be the same, but i have a 96' and i had to take the steering wheel and all switches on the steering column off. then there is a couple of bolts to loosen up and then the whole thing, mount and all, should slide up off of the steering shaft.
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