removal of coil from spark plug on 2004 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

How does the coil wire come off the spark plug.....twist and pull or some attachment? I don't want to break anything to change plugs, but I've never seen this type attachment. Is there anything else to know about changing plugs on this 5.3 engine other than using original iridium plugs with a gap of .040?

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I am guessing this is the first spark plug change on your Suburban. Mileage around 100K? The plug wire attachment is the same as ever - twist and pull to remove. However, after 100k miles of driving the plug wire becomes more or less permentaly attached to the spark plug. My suggestion would be to replace the plug wires also. With all the twisting and pulling necessary to brake the plug wires loose they are bound to get damaged.
Thank you for your prompt answer. It has 92K miles so I'll get the wires too.