Reliable 2006 TDI beetle on 2006 Volkswagen Beetle TDI

I have always loved Beetles and after my car was totally I fell for a TDI 2006. How reliable us this car? I prefer keeping cars for as long as I can (last car I had 7 years and the one before also 7).
Thank you!

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I can't say this is a reliable car. The parts quality isn't as it use to be on pretty much any area from the suspension to the electrical system.
It's prone to build up a huge amount of carbon deposit into the intake manifold which creates a big loss in the performance. It could be repaired, but it's just frustrating.
Problems with the turbo are also common. You need to use engine oil from the VW approved list.
If you absolutely have to have one, make sure it comes with a perfect service record - including the supporting documents.
Let me put it this way: if a friend of mine would ask me about my honest opinion about a VW/Audi - I'd just tell him/her to stay away.

Thank you for your candor. I will verify the service record, but probably will stay away. Maybe I can fall for another car.
Thanks again!
You are very welcome! If you would like a reliable car which won't turn into a money pit, I'd suggest a Toyota or Honda. i.e. a RAV4 is a very reliable, safe, easy and cheap to maintain with a great fuel economy. It will leave money in your purse to spend it on yourself. Your mechanic will hate your choice ; )
Good luck to find a great vehicle which will last you for many trouble-free years and miles.