relays on 1995 Buick Park Avenue

Got six relay fuses trying to find out which one is blower motor relay

by in Houston, TX on May 17, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on May 17, 2009
look in your owners maneul it shood tell you
ANSWER by on May 17, 2009
The Blower Motor Relay is located on Engine Compartment Relay Center, on Right Side of Firewall. See figure following this link:
ANSWER by on May 17, 2009
The relays from the left are Air Conditioning Compressor control, Horn, blower motor, blower motor off relay, next two are for ABS brake, high speed coolant fan, low speed coolant fan relay. The passenger side rear of the engine compartment has the blower motor resister control that may have failed!
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