1999 Volvo S70 Q&A

1999 Volvo S70 Question: relay switch

Where is this relay switch located. just changed fuel pump,new battery and car still doesnt want to start -
Answer 1
The relay switch sould be in the fuse panel under the hood. I would start by verifying if the fuel system is actually the problem. You can check it by opening your air filter case and lightly spray your filter with starting fluid. If the car turns and shuts off then you have a issue with your fuel dilivery, if it doesnt that the issue is not related with your fuel. -
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Since someone tried stealing my s70 it wont start. I was told there is a relay or switch under the passenger seat or the truck? where is this and how do I test it?
This is the 3rd time its happened. An usually will start later but this time. Seems like its nit getting gas
Wait 15 to 20 minutes it will start. Motor will turn over O.K.