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You can trust Reinhard's German Autohaus to take care of your European vehicle. From Audi to VW, and everything in between, we will provide you with uncompromising service. Whether your car is a German, British, or Italian vehicle, our family-owned and operated business will provide you with friendly, expert service.

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Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, Volvo, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Landrover, Saab, Mini, Infiniti, Lexus, Rolls Royce, and many many more

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Acura Audi BMW
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Isuzu Jaguar Jeep
Kia Land Rover Lexus
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Nissan Oldsmobile Plymouth
Pontiac Porsche Saab
Saturn Scion Subaru
Suzuki Toyota Volkswagen


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Oil Change & Lube Scheduled Maintenance Service & Repair Smog/Emissions Testing
Timing Belts Tire Sales/Repair Transmission Repair


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Reinhard's German Autohaus
June 04, 2013

On 5/14 I brought my 2002 Volkswagen Passat to Reinhard’s German Autohaus. I describe the symptoms to them:
-after warming up (10-15 mins of driving) the car would stall
-the car would have a tough time turning over and generally would take me 2-3 mins after the stall to get the car running again
-after restarting, the car would run in EPC mode, which is a reduced power mode
-after parking the car for awhile and cooling down, it would start normally not in EPC mode and then the cycle would repeat
Reinhard took the car to diagnose the problem. After looking at my car, Reinhard stated that the issue with the car was a “faulty ECU and/or throttle body”. Reinhard stated that they are not capable of fixing the ECU but it is a Volkswagen specific issue and must be done at the dealer. However, since Reinhard had diagnosed the problem, I still owed them $90 for diagnosing the issue. Before I picked up the car, I performed a simple search online and found multiple forms describing the symptoms the car was exhibiting, ex: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4407996-DIY-Crank-position-sensor-2.0L

The forums all described the same issue, the crankshaft positioning sensor (CPS). After arriving at Reinhard’s Autohaus to pick up the car, I asked the lady at the front if the issue could be the CPS. She as well as Reinhard (the main mechanic) stated that it was not the CPS and it was the ECU and the ECU had to be reset by a Volkswagen dealer.
Instead of taking it to the dealer, I purchased a new CPS that evening. On Saturday 5/25, I replaced the CPS on the Passat.
After replacing the CPS, the car immediately sounded better, was not producing any faults or errors and after a 30 minute test drive the car had not stalled. To further reinforce that we had fixed the issue, I spent the rest of the weekend driving the Passat and had zero issues. All symptoms of the issue had ceased to exist. To this day the car is still running without issues.
On Tuesday 5/28, I went back to Reinhard’s German Autohaus to inform them that I had correctly identified and solved the problem, that their recommendation was incorrect, and that I would like my $90 back since they didn’t adequately do the job I paid them to do. They immediately got very defensive, making false clams and trying to do anything to poke holes in my explanation.
Furthermore after I told them that I fixed my car, Reinhard asked if I had driven the car 200 miles, a feeble attempt to show that I didn’t actually fix the car. Does he test drive every car 200 miles after he fixes them? I doubt it.
I remained relatively calm throughout the conversation and stuck to the facts never insulting them as individuals or as a shop. Even still, within 3 minutes of walking in to their shop, they became extremely defensive and started yelling at me to get out of their store. Reinhard also got right next to me in my face yelling at me in both English and German. He also clearly yelled at me:
“get the :profanity: off the property”, “get the :profanity: out”
I have no issue with a business making a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, but Reinhard German Autohaus chose not to fix their mistake. Instead they decided to yell, scream and swear at the customer.
I gave Reinhard German Autohaus my car and $90 so that they could diagnose the problem. Instead they took my car and $90 and misdiagnose the issue, never giving me the option to properly fix my car. Reinhard was clearly capable of replacing a CPS but did not do a good enough job to fully understand the issue, therefore never provided me an option for them to fix the car.
Reinhard and his autohaus is a scam of a mechanic shop and apparently he doesn’t even know how to fix cars. Google and a Saturday afternoon could do what he couldn’t, get my car working again. Avoid this place like the plague, you’ll save yourself time, money and heartache.

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Reinhard's German Autohaus
August 04, 2009

I just left Reinhard's and my Benz is running better than it did when I first purchased it. This is not my first visit and I have nothing but great things to say about this company. They have gone over and above my expectation and they have a customer for life.

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Reinhard's German Autohaus
July 18, 2009

Outstanding service! Repairs were done in a very timely manner and there were no surprises or hidden costs. My Benz runs much better now that it did previously. I will continue to get my car serviced here and will recommend it to my friends.

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Reinhard's German Autohaus
April 29, 2009

Had a mechanic that tore my engine down then left me stranded. Reinhard & Pam helped me tremendously get my Benz back up and running. It never ran so good before they put it back together and the cost was great. They are definetly recommended by me and are family people.

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