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2009 Kia Sportage Question: REG. HORN PLACEMENT

Can anyone tell me exactly where the HORN is located on my 2009 KIA SPORTAGE ? I want to install a excellent AIR horn by BAD BOY like I did on my FORD FOCUS. Thanks -
Answer 1
Here it is http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii290/rmcclell/horn2.jpg -
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csubak30 Thanks for the pic. I see you changed your toot toot horn out too. I did it last nite after locating the factory horn myself /// and after posting here. I was able to remove 3 screws above the grille to pry the top out enough to remove the crappy orig. horn and mount my new all in one BAD BOY brand air horn with no air line or remote compressor,but has a instant blast!!! I used wire ties to mount it secure. It's superior to the original horn. I can highly reccomend this horn, I even mounted one on my lawn tractor. LOL -