reference to replacement of oil filter on 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali

So if it is important to replace an oil filter at least once a year, is it practical, common, good maintenance, or over charged, unnecessary to charge for 3 oil filters to be replaced in the vehicle for the time period around the following dates of service repairs that list these parts charged for replacement: 1. Between Jan.10 and Jan 30, a service charge for oil filter - 2. Between April 30 and May 15, a service charge for oil filter- 3. Between July 09 and July 13, a service charge for oil filter, and not to mention, the mileage between #1- being 89,130 miles, and for #99546 and #3 being 104,821 miles; these all don't seem suspiscious?

They don't necessarily seem suspicious. The oil filter should be changed when the engine oil is changed, and to change your oil three times in around 15,000 miles is not excessive.

Does your truck have an oil life monitor--does it tell you when you should change your oil, or do you go by mileage? Either way, doing the filter with the new oil is good maintenance.