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2004 Chrysler Crossfire Question: Reference 2004 crossfire coupe: Where should i have my oil changed and my tran

The last time I had my oil changed I ask for them to check the transmisson fluid. I was told that the dipstick to the transmission was missing. My oil is due to be changed again,should I take it back to tire plus. I am a single women and everyone has opions, Like there is no dipstick the the Tranny, and the car should take 8 qts of oil, they only put 5qts. in. It is low on oil and I was told i could only put synsethized oil even if it was 1 qts PLEASE someone give me the right answer. Thank you in advance for your time to answer my questions. KITKATKAY.......katharinkknewkirk@yahoo.com -
Answer 1
look on line at reviews to find a good quailified shop not a quick lube place. -
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chrysler dealship -