Reduced Power on Message Board on 2004 GMC Canyon

While driving,car started losing power. message center flashed power reduced. Truck cut out. Tried restarting and on third or fourth try, truck started and drove like nothing was wrong.

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I had this same problem. It's the PCM (Power Control Module) Don't know why they do this, but it needs to be replaced... hope that helps you.
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It could either be the traction control, rpm limiter or BCM causing this loss in power. I had the same thing happen to me and what I did was reset the BCM by disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery. I then proceeded to touch both positive and negative cables together to discharge the capacitor so I wouldn't have to wait hours to reset the BCM computer. After I did this, I waited about 30 minutes before I reconnected the negative cable back to the battery. After that, I had no problem with sudden loss of power while driving at highway speeds.