Reduced engine power message on 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

On my truck it flashes this message in the info center.The truck is still running but will not move .Turn the key off and wait about 30 seconds and all is well. Whats up?

Sounds like a transmission or electronic throttle issue. You'll need to have all the diagnostic codes check, and have the shop check for any related technical service bulletins and make sure the vehicle has the latest software in the engine and transmission control modules.
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Hi !
I have same truck with same problem.
From what I have read on other forums, one of the solution possible is to change the wires connecting to the throttle-body to a larger gage. It seems they are too small and braek internally. Also check ground g103 and g104
I had the same problem, had to change throttle body.