Reduced Engine Power on 2007 Pontiac G6

My car only has 45,000 miles on it and the reduced engine power light came on and the car started running extremely poorly, cutting in and out, idling very very rough. What is wrong with it?

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i can almost guarantee you its the catalytic converter my g6 was doing the same thing it was running terrible bogging out no power didn't want to shift it was awful well it ended up being the converter i did a bunch of research on it and i found out that a lot of 4 cylinder g6's have this problem around 40k miles but don't worry its under a government emissions warranty its covered on any vehicle up to 8 years old or 80k miles and they will fix it for free you can go any certified dealer.
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This can be caused by several things. You will need to have the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) read out to determine where to start the diagnosis of the problem. You may still be under warranty for this type of issue (emissions warranty), so refer to your owners manual first to see what your emissions warranty coverage is.