red brake light on, how much to repair brakes? on 2007 BMW 328i

On the control panel for my 2007, 328i, the red brake light is on all the time, owners manual says to service brakes, the car has 35000 miles, I wonder, ballpark figure, how much repair will cost at dealer?

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It depends on what is wrong. There are several reasons for the Red Brake Light to come on, so you need to have the brake system malfunction Diagnosed, then the cost of the repair can be estimated.
Ok, thanks, I am on a tight budget..... so I am trying to decide dealer or import car repair shop? I have had the car several years and this is the first thing I have had to get fixed. And, of course, the red light is making my nuts.
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$44 for brake pads. $17.00 for brake pad sensor.
Labor: hahahahahahahahaha. do it yourself.