Recirculating Actuator on 2005 Pontiac Vibe

Has anyone had to replace this part on their Vibe? I have 84K miles on my Vibe and am looking at a $200 bill to replace this. It opens and closes the air vents.

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Just looked for Pontiac Vibe service bulletins regarding actuator problems but there are none. I work on Toyota Matrixs which are the same car and have not replaced these actuators. Call the dealer if it is in stock it is probably a common failure if they have to order it it is less likely to be a common issue.
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I replaced mine at about 120k, the dealer got the part in a few days.
Yes, twice. First under warranty then 325.00 no warranty
Yes, I replaced mine at at 80,000 miles. It takes patience and a small 7/32" wrench to remove the two screws on the actuator. It can be done, but not if have a bad back or low tolerece for turning the screws 1/4 of a turn at a time. There is very little room to work behind the glove box.