Recently I had the spark plugs, oil filter, upper intake gasket, changed. on 2001 Ford Escape

Now my car is having trouble picking up speed and when I step on the gas pedal it makes a loud screeching noise even when I just start the car it still makes rough idle and whistling and screeching noise and won't go higher than 20mph. I tried to drive, but I started to smell gas so I parked it. Please help

by in Kent, WA on August 07, 2013
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ANSWER by on August 07, 2013
could have a vacuum leak. also, these were bad to have the catalytic converter to stop up. probably need to go to shop to be checked. converters made on exhaust manifold.
COMMENT by on August 07, 2013
I am curious to know why I had no issues with this before changing the spark plugs and the upper intake gasket. Is it possible that the mechanic did not do his job right?
COMMENT by on August 08, 2013
can't tell ya if job done right. could take it back, if you trust they will correct any problem they may have made doing their work.

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