Recent chattering in front end, brakes clunk upon application on 2009 Ford F-150

This is a Ford F150 with two wheel drive. When applying brakes a slight clunk is heard. If released slightly, there is a chattering as if the brakes are not working right. Also hear the noise when driving at low speeds and no braking applied. The truck is lightly used. Does the two wheel drive version have an IWE solenoid? I read about the many problems that 4 wheel drive F150s have with the IWE Solenoid but I don't believe that the 2 wheel drive version has one.

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Loose brake pads or missing mounting hardware. Caliper mounting incorrect for a couple of things.
I'll pass your comments along. Not sure how something might have gotten loose but its possible. Conincidentally, this started after the battery was replaced. Is it possible something electronic got out of wack and needs to be reset?
Not to my knowledge. NO brake work been done on this truck, at all?
The owner checks out his brakes regularly, cleaning them, etc., but it has been months he did anything since he doesn't do anything in the cold. This is a very recent but I suppose that something could have worked loose. It isn't constant either and we don't hear anything when backing up if that matters.
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The IWE is used to lock and unlock the front drive axles, a two wheel drive is free rolling.
Thanks, I thought as much.
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