Chrysler PT Cruiser Problem Report

Chrysler PT Cruiser Power Steering Hose Leak

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Certain 2001-2005 models were recalled because the high pressure power steering hose could contact the transaxle differential cover and wear prematurely, causing a fluid leak. A Damaged hose should be replaced and correctly routed to prevent future damage. For more information on the recall, please click here»

My 2002 Pt Cruiser is leaking power steering fluid. We recently just had the hose replaced however, we are still experiencing the same problem. -
leaking from front end on passenger side was told it was ac also car is bumpy in reverse and motor shifts as if motor mount is out -
Leaking no noise from power steering -
Constant leakage -
High pressure hose was leaking fluid. I had a mechanic replace the part. cost was around $250.00 -
power steering leak at the high pressure side -
Power steering pressure switch and hose needed replacement. -
Whining loudly and stirring noises louder fluid is full was losing some over summer but it stopped. -
high pressure power steering hose . do not know where to have it fixed -
Had this fixed by same shop 3 times since under warranty. Don't believe they are rerouting hose to prevent premature wear. Wonder if recall will be honored if preowned. Does anyone know? -
Just lost power steering completely today. I've had the 'whining' noise all winter. Had the noise last winter too, and 2 local shops said it because of the cold. Another said it was because of the PS pump, but even the new ones make the noise too. ??? Really?? Either way, no PS, taking it to my dad's friend who is a ASE certified Chrysler mechanic and he does the work on the side too ... hope to get this fixed relatively low cost. -
had the pressure hose changed twice already an now it still leaks -
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