PT Cruiser

Recall to reposition high pressure power steering hose on Chrysler PT Cruiser

Problem Description and Possible Solution

There was a recall to inspect and reposition the high pressure power steering hose. The hose could contact the transaxle differential cover and wear prematurely. Damaged hoses must be replaced.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 119,190 (124–184,000)
Suspension & Steering affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder
7 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2009
108 people reported this problem
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The pt cruiser i have problem turning the steering wheel cause it got hard and makes noise when i turn it and also put liquid for the steering wheel but its leaking i need help.
My 2002 Pt Cruiser is leaking power steering fluid. We recently just had the hose replaced however, we are still experiencing the same problem.
hard to turn no power steering
power steering went out an will not hold fluid
leaking from front end on passenger side was told it was ac also car is bumpy in reverse and motor shifts as if motor mount is out
Just heard something snap like a belt or chain breaking and now i have no power steering but the car runs fine and still drives
Leaking no noise from power steering
Fluid pours out when car is running
Sudden loss of power steering fluid out the blue. It was fine from the day I bought it at around 97k miles then it just went dry in a 25 minute drive. I filled up the power steering fluid and in less than 48 hours it was almost empty again.
leaks powerstering
High pressure hose was leaking fluid. I had a mechanic replace the part. cost was around $250.00
The Power Steering plug has been replaced 2x's and I am still seeing fluid on the garage floor. What is the next step?
Was leaking power steering fluid. Started at hose and now needs rack and pinion replaced.
Hose worn threw
The line blew out while we are on vacation, we have not been able to fix it yet. we will have to wait until we get home, but definitely puts a damper on things. Thankfully we were towing behind an RV, so we were not stranded.
A lot of noise from the power steering pump and low fluid in reservior.
It make an awful loud whining noise especially when I first start the car. It gets better as the car warms up. The steering wheel still turns though.
Power steering fluid leak from hose. Needs replace
Noisy hard to turn leaking
Just lost power steering completely today. I've had the 'whining' noise all winter. Had the noise last winter too, and 2 local shops said it because of the cold. Another said it was because of the PS pump, but even the new ones make the noise too. ??? Really??

Either way, no PS, taking it to my dad's friend who is a ASE certified Chrysler mechanic and he does the work on the side too ... hope to get this fixed relatively low cost.