Hyundai Santa Fe Problem Report

Hyundai Santa Fe Recall on airbag computer to address deployment issues with child car seat

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Hyundai issued a recall on the airbag computer; it needs to be reprogrammed to prevent the airbags from deploying incorrectly during an accident when a child car seat has been placed in the passenger front seat.

Airbag light came on and won't go off. -
Airbag light on at all times. -
In 2010 my airbag light came on in my 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe, Hyundai diagnosed the driver side deat belt receiver, i had a private mechanic fix the problem, cost 1/2 of the amount Hyundai quoted me. Now, 2014 airbag light is on, my private mechanic alerted me that this time it is the passenger seat belt receiver. i called Hyundai corporate, i was told that there are NO RECALLS for this item and there was nothing they could do for me. I have to get it fixed, it is a safty hazard.....when the airbag light is on, there is a chance the airbag will not deploy in an accident. I think this is a faulty part and Hyundai should either recall for this issue or agree to fix it since it is a safety issue. MARY ANN PORCO -
the airbag light camen on all time i toke to the diler and they say is the seatbelt buckle and they charge $620.00 yes for part plus labor and i think they have to fix bicause is a manufacture problem -
air bag light comes off an on all the time been happening now for the past couple of years ! -
Airbag light on all of the time. -
Not sure of exact mileage but that is a good estimate. Came on and then went off. When it came on again it stayed on (that was a few years ago). -
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