Recall Issued For Airbag Control Module on Hyundai Tucson

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Hyundai issued two recalls for the airbag control module on certain vehicles; it should be replaced to prevent incorrect passenger side airbag deployment during an accident. For more information on these recalls, please click here» and here».

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 90,235 (29,636–137,861)
4 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
40 people reported this problem
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All of a sudden airbag warning light comes on and stays on all the time. Vechicle is a 2006 Hyundai Tucson with about 105k miles.
Airbag light came on, litte tap on underneath passenger side seat did turn off light.
Happend several times, and now stays on
The airbag warning light is ON all the time!
passenger air bag light keeps staying on periodically
Air bag light came on today. I have not yet had a chance to take the vehicle to the shop.
Airbag light started coming on intermittently several times since owning the car and had it reset several times. Now it has come on and staying on. Read some prior complaints that it is costly to fix and I don't have $1,000 to spend only to have the problem re-occur. Purchased it used in 2007. Car only has approx 74,000 miles on it.
Brought it to the dealer. They said it is not covered. They put it on a diagnostic test, and did not charge me, but said the problem is the drivers belt tensioner. It will cost me $450 just for them to start to look at it
the dealer charged exam fee of $65 and told me it was software upgrade needed. They upgraded and the light went off.
I bought a tuscon and the airbag light was on. The dealer said he would have it fixed. They tried clearing it. This didn't last. So they said it was the Drivers side airbag switch. They replaced it. 2 months later the light is back on. Now they are saying it is possibly the passenger side now which I'm sure I'll be charged for because it is now out of warrantee.
the air bag light is on and wont go off
My airbag light when on, so I took it into the dealer. He told me that I needed to have my driver's side seatbelt replaced to fix the problem. Unfortunately, I had that repair done by another Hyundai dealer in 2009 and 2013 already. It will be over $400 to have it replaced again, but I have a feeling that something else is really to blame. Very frustrated.
airbag light stays on and will not switch off
Airbag light stay on.
Passenger front airbag lights on for several weeks, had computer reset and lights went out for several hours and then came back on. Had diagnostic done today by dealer and told air bag harness needs to be replaced at $2,265.00 . Part on back order with no date due in date.

Cannot find recall on this and cannot afford to repair, only car in family.
The airbag light is always on. The dealer claims their is no warranty and wanted $160 to check it out, $550 for a new part needed, and I don't know what the labor would costs. A local mechanic charged nothing to check it out. Ordered the part which will take 9 days to get because the dealer doesn't have it and the labor will be $130.00 for the work which is less than the dealer's charge to look at it.
The problem is that the light came on and no idea why. Not fixed yet.
airbag light on.
My air bag light is on for the second time. I'm told the passenger side seat belt needs to be replaced at a value of over $600.
Air bag light remained on. Had computer cleared twice and only solved problem for a couple of weeks
Then for the cost of over $1000 had battery and terminal ends and full battery/body harness replaced.
It lasted for about three weeks and the light came back on. Now am told that to fix it we have to replace the entire electrical system for the air bags. At this point Hyundai does not want to take any responsibility for it's air bag electrical system self destructing at 79000 miles.
Airbag sensor broken