Hyundai Tucson Problem Report

Hyundai Tucson Recall Issued For Airbag Control Module

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Hyundai issued two recalls for the airbag control module on certain vehicles; it should be replaced to prevent incorrect passenger side airbag deployment during an accident. For more information on these recalls, please click here» and here».

passenger air bag light keeps staying on periodically -
Air bag light came on today. I have not yet had a chance to take the vehicle to the shop. -
I bought a tuscon and the airbag light was on. The dealer said he would have it fixed. They tried clearing it. This didn't last. So they said it was the Drivers side airbag switch. They replaced it. 2 months later the light is back on. Now they are saying it is possibly the passenger side now which I'm sure I'll be charged for because it is now out of warrantee. -
Airbag light came on, litte tap on underneath passenger side seat did turn off light. Happend several times, and now stays on -
Air bag light remained on. Had computer cleared twice and only solved problem for a couple of weeks Then for the cost of over $1000 had battery and terminal ends and full battery/body harness replaced. It lasted for about three weeks and the light came back on. Now am told that to fix it we have to replace the entire electrical system for the air bags. At this point Hyundai does not want to take any responsibility for it's air bag electrical system self destructing at 79000 miles. -
Airbag sensor broken -
not fix yet -
It's not fixed. Hyundai said there was not a recall -
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