Recall information on the LS lower ball joint on 2000 Lincoln LS

Was there a recall on the lower ball joints for the 2000 LS? Where can i find info on it since Ford don't seem to know. Recently I was backing out of a parking lot when the nut from the lower ball joint came off and the suspension dropped to the ground.

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Lucky this was not at freeway speed! How scary! Contact Lincoln North America Customer Service
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There was a recall back in 2000 for loose ball joint nuts. On this site you can go to recalls and read that info regarding ball joint nuts. If you end up having to replace ball joints, the wheel bearing and hub assemblies will have to be removed from steering knuckle so the ball joints can be replaced. You will also need a ball joint removal and installer tool kit. Found it easier to take the steering knuckle right off. Be carefull of the backing plates that you do not bend them or have them break from the rivets that hold them secure to steering knuckle.