Hyundai Elantra Problem Report

Hyundai Elantra Drivers Airbag May Cause Illumination of Warning Light

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The airbag warning light may illuminate due to an internal fault with the driver's side airbag. Hyundai has issued a recall for this concern. The recall applies to 1994 & 1995 models only.

Airbag light on and off all the time! -
air bag light wont go off -
Airbag light came on. Was told it was the sensor in the passenger side seat. Dealership wanted $1300 to replace the seat. -
The airbag light is on. The check engine light is also on. The power window on the driver's side is the only one that will work. None of the other ones will go either up or down. -
have not fixed it yet. Airbag light is illuminated which runs concurrent with the door ajar signal sounding off every few miles. Corporate Hyundai said if I pay for the repair they will reimburse part of all of it. -
Told seat belt assembly is causing airbag light to illuminate waiting to hear if covered or not -
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