reasonable cost....cheaper way to go on 2004 Honda Civic

was told by firestone calipers front drivers side was locked, calipers pads and rotors need to be this an entire brake job only on front i believe.quoted me 631.00. i didn't think the noise i was hearing ws the breaks. my car doesn't seem to have problems stopping. i was hearing a knocking or rattle noise from fron passenger side. but told it was 631.00 high cost..unemployed and need to get done but thinking this is high so i ask you thank you

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Get another shop to look at it and tell you what it REALLY needs! Independant shop if you know of one, if not ask around. Sometimes these chain repair shops tend to get carried away with a repair, i think.
thank you !!
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yes get a 2nd opinion as stated
I agree with wetry