reason all rear lights stay on when engines off & cruise controll not working? on 1993 Toyota Corolla

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i was driving and i hit a good sized pot-hole in the ground about a week ago,it messed up my tire that hit the hole and i fixed that and im pretty sure it knocked my allignment out just a little, no big deal, but ever since then the car has been making a scraping like sound, but my real problem is today, all my rear(brake&tail)lights stay on when engine the is off and my cruise control wont work going down the road! all happening in the same day. Whats the cause for this problem? Are these problems connected to one another in any way? Im sorry i dont have diagnostic codes or "tech" stuff for '93 toyota corolla.
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poss pinched wires in wheel well ck that 1st even under your plastic inner fender
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Check you brake light switch on the brake pedal. Could be out of adjustment or may be stuck on. That would cause brake lights to stay on and cruise will not work either.
thanks person thats exactly what it is but another question would that also keep the run lights that stay on while your driving to stay on after the engine is off aswell?? that made me think theres another possible problem, what you think friend??
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The running lights are controled by headlamp switch. If they are staying on also you do have another problem.
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