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1998 BMW 323i Question: Rear Wiper Problem

I have a BMW 323 and during the recent snow, the read windscreen wiper stopped working. The blade doesn't move, nor does water spray when I depress the stalk. However, I can hear the washer whirring, despite all the inactivity. I've checked the fuses and they appear to be all right. Does anyone know what could be wrong? -
Answer 1
I wonder could the wiper have frozen to the screen? Lift the blade off the rear windscreen and operate the wiper, does it work or can you hear the motor try to work. See if the nut that secures the wiper arm to the wiper spindle has come loose from trying to operate the wiper arm when it had frozen to the screen. -
Comment 1
Thank you auto, for your suggestion, I'll give that a try! -