rear wiggles after going over bump on 1994 Toyota Camry

Almost every time you go over a bump the rear of car wiggles back and forth. I was wondering if replacing the struts will fix the problem or if it could be something else. Otherwise the car runs great with over 150,000. mi

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Its best to have the rear checked out before putting on struts. Rpelacing struts if they are the original ones will transform the car any way. We use KYB brand shocks.
Check the suspension control arms and sway bar bushings and end links while the suspension is being looked at. One of our customers has 460k on his Camry great car.
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I have had ever part replaced in the rear end of my car and still it wiggles when going over bump. Know they are saying i need new frame bushing???
i have the same problem just found out it was my frame chasis the upper control arm was off the frame i guess i have to get it weld because the metal it broke got rusted now gotta get a new plate over it so i can connect my arm back i am glad i noticed my tire wiggling and stopped it right then nd saw the wheel was out of the place wasnt sitting right nd right then i opened it up and saw it was my frame that has been rusted good luck with urs because its not safe to drive it like that so be careful before u try thinkin abt saving few bucks it is sure worth spending ur money :)