Rear Wheel Cylinder on 1996 Oldsmobile 88

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I have a question about replacing a rear wheel cylinder that is leaking fluid.

Do I need to replace both wheel cylinders at the same time, even if only one has problems? Or can I just replace the one that is leaking fluid?
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You can replace just one, but if your going to replace the shoes and one cylinder, and bleed the brakes it is kind of a waste not to replace the other cylinder. Do it right and you won't have the same problem if the other starts leaking.
It is necessary to replace the brake shoes when I replace the rear wheel cylinder?

My repair shop said I can just replace the rear wheel cylinder itself. They checked all the brakes recently and found no problems with them.
Often times what happens is the wheel cylinder leaks onto the brake shoes and they need to be replaced. If that is not the case, then you can get by with replacing the leaking cylinder only.