2008 Toyota Sienna Q&A

2008 Toyota Sienna Question: rear wheel bearings need replaced

There is a loud noise coming from the rear of the car when over 15-20 mph. This was evaluated by Toyota, and they said the rear wheel bearing need to be replaced. The car has 55,000 miles on it. A review says rear wheel bearings in a front wheel drive car should last about 150,000. Has any one else had this problem? Other than replacing the brakes at a Monroe center which resulted in squeaky brakes due to not using toyota "shims", all work had been done at Toyota, and car has been reliable. -
Answer 1
at the mileage, there is no warranty. replace the bearing, as told, and move on. many factors can cause failures from curb hits to pot holes to brake dust. Roy -
Answer 2
I've got a 2008 with a broken right rear bearing, 33,000 miles. Took it in for the spare tire recall and happened to mention to the mechanic the loud humming noise that started a month ago. Mechanic says I've been real lucky I didn't have an accident, wouldn't let me drive it home, covered under warranty. -
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