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1997 BMW 528i Question: rear tires wear fast...traction loss in water

I need advice...tried to send question but don't think it went? Ok so purchased set of rear tires (350.00 for nice set) within 4 to 5 months worn down to what resembled a set of racing slick tires...so local repair shop said for me to replace rear struts..so did that then bought two new rear tires and yup u guessed it...happened again. Local shop then says all 8 rear bushings were worn so have to replace all so he can align rear and all fixed..right? Well I then called BMW dealer to inquire how to get bushings..cost..delivery etc..that is when they tell me rear bushings can't be purchased..but rather entire control arms need to be replaced ( oh yeah three control arms on each the left and right side) to a cost if 1500.-1800.per side....so please give me any help..suggestions -
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Is there a good alignment shop in your area they would know if bushings are available after market lots of car manufactures only have complete arms or wishbones but after market have parts available. For tire wear comparisons look at tire rack .com good source and great articles. Look on BMW specific forums see if anyone else has the problem. -
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Thank you...I will give a try. -