Tailgate Latche may Stick Causing Battery Drain on Mercedes-Benz ML350

The tailgate latch may stick causing a drain on the battery while the vehicle is parked.

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Average mileage: 66,216 (15,555–177,000)
6 model years affected: 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010
77 people reported this problem
45 people shared problem details
rear hatch won't open. Motor is working, but hatch won't open manually nor automatically with key or button
I have had problems with my 2008 ml 350 rear latch by it failing to lock, or locking but not a tight fit. BAttery drained and had to be replaced etc. It was worked on at the dealers many times and at an independent mechanic with a new latch being installed finally. Not sure if this is it or do I keep fixing it. Current mileage is 72,000
happened a few days ago ...not fixed yet. Liftgate closes but not latched/locked. can hear slipping/grinding sound in the latch asm.
Tail gate won't open with remote . Manually and button inside car work fine.
Rear tail hatch motor burned out apparently. Lift mechanism can be heard working, attempting to open the rear hatch but the gate will not unlock to allow opening except for unlocking manually from the inside. I'm looking for the part number for the new motor online now..
2007 ml350 rear tailgate latches failing to lock. I brought it to the dealer and auto shop a few times unfortunately same issue keeps coming back. This should refer back to manufacturer for correction.
hatch wont shut/lock ...draining battery!!!
push it while it closes just to make sure door is shut
Tailgate does not lock. First occured January 2015. Not frequent. Never to the point of not eventally locking, until now.Refuses to lock at all now.
Lift gate didn't close properly, then got stuck and after manually opening from inside it will not not latch. Will begin to reopen. Had to turn off automatic interior lights to avoid battery drain. Have it tethered closed until get in to repair--sounds like it is going to cost about $450. Also caused interior doors to get out of whack in terms of locking. Ugh!!!
same problem.
battery light came on during the day and later that day the hatch would close but not latch. after the battery was changed still had same problem after 30 miles. Awaiting the shop to tell me the new diagnosis.
It just doesn't close and won't engage to lock.
Hatch wouldn't open or close but was stuck in semi- open state as hatch appeared to be stuck. Brought it in and was told they manually released it by crawling into cargo area. Now a noise is back like it is struggling to latch.
replaced latched and replaced battery.
Tailgate wont close with key button or switch button by drivers door
The rear tailgate latch has hung up several times, causing the battery to drain. I have had it repaired at a costly rate twice.
Found the battery drained after parking the vehicle in garage for 2 weeks. A problematic rear tailgate latch is causing this! Now, the rear tailgate can be closed manually, but cannot be latched.
Rear latch want open!
tailgate sounded like it closed and latched properly - next morning, battery dead. two days later it wouldn't unlatch! I had to crawl into the back and unlatch manually. latch mechanism had to be replaced.
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