Rear suspension vibrates/shakes at highway speed on 1993 Toyota Camry

After installation of new rear struts, new rear tires and 4-wheel alignment I still have vibration and shaking in rear suspension most noticeable at around 45 to 60 mph on smooth highway. Especially when free-wheeling downhill, braking or on wide curves to the right. Also more noticeable when car is not fully warmed-up. At slow speeds over bumps there is also a loud clunking noise from rear of the car. Car has 166,000 miles, but otherwise in good shape. Please help!!

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Sorry for not seeing this before now. This sounds dangerous and I hope you have resolved this problem bye now. Seeing as the shocks were just replaced that is the first place to start. Examine every component that was removed and refitted. Hopefully there isn't a loose wheel, wheel rim problem, or dangerous tire issue. If you need tightening torque specifications for the suspension bolts I can forward them to you.