rear suspension fluid/brakes on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

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How often should the rear suspension fluid be chaged for a 2005 4runner? How much should that cost?
Also, with my old car I used to change the brake pads out myself but, I have been advised not to do that with my 4runner. If I am a do-it-yourself kind if guy should I take that advice or could I change the pads myself? Thanks
(2) Answers
Surprisingly, brake pads/rotors haven't changed much, I bet you can do it. Just get a repair manual ( and get any tools you need, buy only high quality brake parts and go for it.
I was always told 50,000 miles for shocks/struts as a rule of thumb. got 75,000 on mine and the rear are still good. as for the other question- I take my brakes to ths shop. Evidently ther is something about all around ABS that requires an approach I am not familiar with.