1998 BMW 740iL Q&A

1998 BMW 740iL Question: rear speaker removal

Both speakers are blown out in the rear. It seems complicated to get in there & I have not figured it out. How do i replace them? -
Answer 1
Having the right instructions with illustrations will prevent damaging to trim panels check out http://www.carstereohelp.com/strbmw.htm -
Answer 2
how do i remove the rear speaker -
Answer 3
how to remove rear speaker in740 il bmw -
Answer 4
easy fix but the speakers can be tough to find I broke down and bought them from the dealership $400 but I found them later on the internet. But you just take the speaker cover off unscrew the phillips screws and pull them out. Mine where soldered in so I desoldered the old soldered in the new and replaced the screws. The speakers tend to stick in the fitting after being in so long so you have to be a bit forcefull. Also I used a very small phillips screw driver about 4in long because there isnt much room to work -