2007 Buick Terraza Q&A

2007 Buick Terraza Question: Rear speaker are not working.

The DVD system was stolen in our 2007 Buick Terraza CXL and now our rear speaker don't work. Will they work when we replace the DVD system or did they damage something else? Where can we get a replacement? My local GM dealer says they can't get one. I want to replace it so we can have air controls in the back. -
Answer 1
Yes, they should. -
Comment 1
Yes, it is likely the speakers will once again work. The amp for them was possibly incorporated with the DVD player. I can get you a replacement, but would need to see the vehicle to get some information on it. Feel free to call me at 515-225-9090. -
Answer 2
does the cd work? If the rear wires have been cut then you will have to fix them after replacing unit. try carpart.com or junkyards to locate a good used unit. -