Rear passenger window will not go back up. Changed the regulator and motor. on 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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After changing the motor and regulator the window went down, but won't go back up. Tried both drivers and back switch.
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A week ago I had the window down. Tried making the window go up but it wouldn't. That's when I change the regulator and motor. The new regulator was in the up position. The window went down okay but wouldn't go back up. Tried the drivers and passenger switch, but no response for it to go up. Prior to this I had no problem with the window.
Failed MASTER switch or wiring to the the switch..... Master has to work before the designated window switch will... Got to be tested for switching voltage.... Like it should have been before parts replacement!!
Went to the local library and printed the power window wiring schematic. On the master switch, tested the switching voltage for the right back switch (as you suggested). Using the wiring schematic, located the down window contact, measured the voltage with the switch in the down position and got a reading of 12 volts. Without moving the probe, pulled the switch to the up position and got a reading of 10.3 volts, should be 0V. Moved the probe to the up contact, pulled up switch and got a reading of 12V and 0V in down position. Failed master switch as you suggested, replaced switch, back window works just fine. Thanks again!