rear pads replacement instructions on 2007 Jaguar XK

How to replace rear pads? I couldn't compressed the caliper back to separate it from the pads and move the caliper away from the disc

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you may need to open the bleeder slightly just to relieve
pressure in the line. be sure to top off the reservoir after you are done.
Thanks you very much brother !
This 2007 rear caliper piston has a specially designed shape on the contact end of the piston which requires a specific Jaguar tool. Buy the tool and just screw the piston back into the caliper housing. If you are crafty, you can find or make something that fits into the notches and between the break pad and piston to get this job done. If you currently appreciate the unsmashed look and feel of your fingers, pick up the [only modestly overpriced] tool ahead of time. One last thing;"save the mess, just compress". Why introduce air into your break lines/system by messing with the bleeder when you don't need to. Just turn the screw until the piston goes in enough to pop those pads onto a new or freshly machined rotor.