Rear left window fell down and won't go up. I pulled door panel on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

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The cable is not broke and I can here moter moter run. Cable is attached at each end but I don't c it hooked anywhere in middle.
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Agree with #2,, it is not serviceable,,replace the entire lift assembly which inculdes motor. If you really want it fixed the right way so it last more than a couple weeks that is!! New regulator with motor isn't but about $45.00.!!
Just took regulator out. The cable rolls window up is not attached to the slide that hooks to window. Do I need a moter to. It still working
I got it without buying anything but a $3 threaded sleave with a hole through it. Drilled hole thru metal where the up cable kinda went. Cut the end off cable and put it thru hole and tightened screw. A lil adjusting and seems to work fine. Thanks for the help
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