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1999 GMC Yukon Question: rear end replacement

what are the signs of rear end replacement -
Answer 1
Noise at rear when accel and decel, will sound like moan, groan, hum, grinding, scraping, squeal, buzz, you name it. What kind of probs do you have and what are you doing when it happens? -
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we changed the rear end before the rearend went out it was shifting fine now if you put it in drive it wont take off but if you put it in low it will shift fine manually and pull good
on my 2002 gmc yukon if you are driving over 55 mph and let off on the accellerator it make a loud roaring noise. If you press on the accelerator the noise goes away??? any help appreciated
I need to know the level of fluid to replace after the fluid has been drained in the rear differential. How much do I put back in?
My Yucon air doesn't blow out at the front,but does in the rear.also blows when turned off. Thank's Don