rear end of the car is riding low. on 1997 Cadillac DeVille

When I start my car, the rear end by the tires sounds like a motor is running. The rear end of my caddy rides really low. What is that sound and how do I get my car to riding level?

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what u are hearing is the air pump running if it runs all the time theres a leak in the system somewhere the pump is located on top of the rear axle you have to jack the car up or get it on a lift to get at it
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Looks like two different suspension systems were available on your deville ( soft ride and sport suspension ) but if you hear a sound you probably have the air suspension and AC Delco has replacement shocks available for around $300, probably need a tech to diagnose this so you don't waste money changing parts that are still good
About 4 yrs ago, I asked the dealer why my Caddy was riding low. Do I need shocks? They told me 'no'. Two yrs later, a friend of the family (former Cadillac Srv Mgr) found my compressor was shot. After it was replaced, my bootlegging Caddy still rode low. Then the switch in the trunk was replaced...lowrider still not fixed. Last year, at a military Auto Hobby Shop, I was getting new tires put on and the guy says to me "You need new shocks!" Put new shocks on and finally, my Caddy was riding like a charm.
You need to replace the rear air shocks as they are leaking air causing the air compressor to keep running. If you don't your air compressor will keep running and draw in moisture which will burn the air compressor out. The compressor is very expensive. When you put new air shocks on they will hold air so the air compressor will come on only until the proper air pressure is in the shocks and then it will turn off.